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Octofest Dunedin Video, 9 March, 2012

Posted by David Read on Sunday July 22 2012

Craig Strong, owner of Quest Dunedin, has managed the awesome feat of getting the Dunedin City Council to allow their most central, famous and skateboard-prohibited spot to be open for the hucking for one wild night a year. Helped in part by Quest, Habitat, Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire and this here mag.

It’s always great to have a contest at a street spot, an occasion that’s becoming increasingly popular these days. Free from the crowds of non-skaters, energy drink sponsors and the dark feelings of guilt left upon the skaters, contests like this can go down more like an actual skate with ya boys. This one was no different.

Jack Woodrow and James Kingston, no strangers to the comp tour, battled it out at the beginning for the high ollie glory. In the end neither could best one another so they both walked away with half a board each. They make a great team. Next up was the main event: a best trick comp down the seven stair and also on a ledge going off the four. Woodrow was probably the only dude skating the ledge, but he would have won regardless. A switch nosegrind and a bunch of other tricks secured him the prize.

A whole heap of shit went down the seven, too much to mention or remember, but some tricks that stuck in my head were: Daniel Bridgman who, in the last moments of the session, showed up and frontside bigspinned it with ease. PJ Wybrow stomped the absolute shit out of a backside heel. That was real nice. Morph attacked with a no comply and did it better than humanly possible, that was sick. In the end though it was Kurt Green who was the crowd favourite and took the top prize with a perfect nollie frontside flip like it was nothing.

I highly recommend watching it drunk and in slow mo’ if the opportunity ever arises. It’s a great thing. If you think you got something for that set then get your arse down to Duds for next year’s Octofest, it’s a lot of fun. | Stuntdubs