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Supra OZ Man Out Tour Extended Photo-set

Posted by Jake Mein on Thursday July 19 2012

Erik Ellington.

A Day in the Life

My phone buzzed early one morning with a text from Papa Read. “Do you want to cover the Supra Tour, March 3–5?” As if I was going to turn this down. I kept updated with the ‘stralian leg of the tour via Jason Morey who was covering the tour for an Australian magazine which will remain unnamed. The photo updates seemed hectic to say the least, with demos nearly every day and any off days spent shooting photos and recovering from the previous night’s activities. By the time the Supra team arrived on our semi sunny shores everyone was a little worse for wear. Bjorn Johnston had dislocated his ankle, Boo Johnson was also suffering from ankle problems, Terry Kennedy had a nasty heel bruise and Lizard King was handicapped from a 35-day bender. The rest of the team were more or less knackered. However, after a heavy night of popping bottles the team was up and ready for the next 24 hours in New Zealand. Thanks to everyone at Substance Distribution for getting these guys to our shores.
Text and photography by Jake Mein. 

Image Gallery (48 Photos)

  1. Bjorn Johnston and Neen Williams.
  2. Kevin Romar.
  3. Stevie Williams.
  4. Stevie Williams.
  5. Lizard King.
  6. Spencer Hamilton.