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Talk Turkey Tuesday with Chad Hope

Posted by Jake Mein on Tuesday July 17 2012

Photo: Tim Carter.


I popped out in:
Hamilton, Waikato.

Currently I reside in?
Waikato, Hamilton.

I’ve got a job, the skating’s real good and my family’s on the scene.

Backdoor Hamilton, Zoo York & Grizzly Grip.

Outside of skateboarding the bulk of my time is spent?
Playing 8 ball, working at the Pirongia pub, chilling with the homies and my lady.

Ollie. Photo: Tim Carter.

One item you want for free but have to pay for?
Petrol. I hate it.

All time favourite cover?
@up2down4 (Pedro Day), SLAM magazine.

You get to choose one person to rule the world, who and why?
Tu Pac would’ve been good.

Your go to Youtube clip?
At the moment I’ve been watching ‘H town street cats’ it’s pretty funny, some ghetto pimp being hilarious.

One song for the rest of your life?

Backside tailslide. Photo: Tim Carter.

Sneaky durries here and there, enjoying Waikato Draught.

What makes you nervous?

Current set up details?
8″ Zoo York deck, Grizzly grip, T-Fynn Picture wheels and Theeve trucks.

Childhood memory?
Georgie pie.

Hella Clips,

Crooked grind pop over. Photo: Mike Lamb.

Top five favourite skate nick names?
Swa heelys – Switch heels, LP – Lapani Nuku, Arron Thorp – Slybone, Whare – The Boss.

What is one thing you can’t live without?
Eggs Bene.

Skate predictions for 2012:
L.P will come out of hiding and destroy Australia (currently M.I.A), Umberto Skinner will win the most switch 360 flips on the Berric’s site, Luke Fox will become a school teacher, Scott Lai will reach 30 sponsors.

Switch heelflip. Photo: Mike Lamb.

Image Gallery (5 Photos)

  1. Photo: Tim Carter.
  2. Backside tailslide. Photo: Tim Carter.
  3. Ollie. Photo: Tim Carter.
  4. Crooked grind pop over. Photo: Mike Lamb.
  5. Switch heelflip. Photo: Mike Lamb.


  1. Ben Nienhoff says:

    Sick dude!That swa heel was buttery as, haha!

  2. Reuben Baker says:

    year the chad!!! steezy holmz.

  3. Dean Wellington says:

    I like your work Chopey, that Swa heely is lush.

  4. Fox says:

    All roads lead to Pirongia pub.

  5. Rhea Pearce says:

    georgie pie should have ruled the world haha