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Park Ranger: Nixon Skate Park, Bond Street, Auckland

Posted by Connor Hill on Friday July 6 2012

Photography by Jake Mein

First published in Manual #46, June 2012.

Warning: If you ride a scooter, this park sucks! It is your worst nightmare and you are a skateboarder’s number one enemy. The newly formed ‘Bond Street Hooligans’ will destroy you. Yes, that is a threat, so cut off your handlebars, go to skate school and join the skate gang if you wish to have fun at this park. In other words, the Nixon Skate Park (AKA Bondys, Bond Street or Kingsland Skate Park) is small and only accommodates a certain number of people, leaving no room for scooter babies.

Simon Thorp, backside Smith. Photo Jake Mein.

Small doesn’t necessarily mean bad though, and if you like your tranny then this park is right up your alley! Outlined with various transitions, including a large taco shaped quarter pipe and a tight Jersey barrier, Nixon Skate Park offers flow and speed, giving the older generation of skateboarders another chance to shine over the younger ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater combo’ generation. Spittle shreds this place better than most.
On the other hand, a small dose of street features gives this park a good balance. This includes a good-sized step-up with ledges and a couple of hubbas. A six stair handrail of realistic size is perfect for working on those hammers too, but beware, you can get sacked!
It’s definitely worth a peep and if you’re crew deep, be sure to play a few rounds of ‘death train’. Last one rolling wins! | Simon Thorp

How to get there
I’m going to be bold and presume you’re located in Queen St. If you aren’t, then you need to get there. From Queen St head south then flick a right onto Karangahape Rd, follow that onto Great North Rd then left onto Bond St. The park is on the other side of the bridge on the right. After you finish skating go annoy Simon Thorp, he lives one street over.

Closest Skate Shops
So you broke your board trying a Casper flip? Forget about it. Arcade is five minutes down the road at 22 Cross St, just off K’ Road. Cheapskates Khyber Pass is also a casual five minutes away. To get there head up to New North Road and swing a left towards the city centre. Cheapskates is located at 15 Khyber Pass Rd just off Symonds Street. Sorted.

Parks Nearby
If you’re the type of person who needs a little more room then head down to Vic Park. To get there head north on Bond St then right onto Great North Rd followed by a left onto Ponsonby Rd (maybe stop off for a quick drink and maybe even a tattoo from Josh Solomon at Two Hands Tattoo). From there hang a right onto Franklin Rd and one more right onto Victoria St West. The park will be on your right. Skate or die.

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  1. Simon Thorp, backside Smith. Photo Jake Mein.