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Shocklands: Nike Skateboarding Australia Pro/Am Invitational Stop #2

Posted by David Read on Thursday June 28 2012

With Blake Harris leading the charge after Stop #1 of the Pro/Am Tour, All eyes are now on Shocklands to see who will challenge for the 2012 Australian Championship.

Last year’s Shocklands winner and 2011 Oz Champ Tommy Fynn will no doubt be one to watch after blowing minds with the likes of kickflip backside noseblunt slides on the picnic table. “Last year was sick – everyone killed it! I can’t wait to see the course at this year’s Shocklands,” says Tommy.

Another solid contender from the 2011 event, Reece Warren comments: “The course is such a different set-up for a comp. It’s a cool vibe and the level of skateboarding at Shocklands is amazing. Keen as for this year.”

Shocklands is the comp that shines the light on guys who can string it together in ‘real’ street environments. Ledges, manny pads, flat-rails, bump-to-rails, picnic tables, kickers… lines, flatground pop and a creative approach to a shed full of unique obstacles are the orders of the day at Shocklands.

Stay tuned to for course reveals and rider announcements. If the anticipation amongst the riders themselves is anything to go by, Shocklands 2012 is going to be one you don’t want to miss.

Considering the personalities and different creative’s that will be showcased at Shocklands, a multitude of stories are possible, and there is potential for almost endless content to be generated.



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