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Talk Turkey Tuesday with Bryn Fenemor

Posted by Jake Mein on Tuesday May 22 2012

Photo: Luke Browne.


I popped out in:

Currently I reside in?
Same old. Only back from the capital temporarily though.

Front shuv. Photo: Luke Browne.

Saving to head to the Netherlands for a semester if all works out. Saving and Wellington don’t belong in the same sentence, for me at least.

A big thank you to Matt at Empire, Crabtree and Conan at S&S for making things easier over the past year or two.

Outside of skateboarding the bulk of my time is spent?
Wasting mentioned savings at the record store/food spot/bar. Trying to learn a little dutch on the side haha.

Frontside 50-50. Photo: Jimmy Wright.

One item you want for free but have to pay for?
Free entry to gigs would be a dream come true.

All time favourite cover?
Adam Kinsman’s street grab to death drop. Harry Culy’s kickflip on current cover is also madness.

You get to choose one person to rule the world, who and why?
Sounds dangerous.

Your go to Youtube clip?
This will never get old.

Backside tailslide. Photo: Jimmy Wright.

One song for the rest of your life?
Dilla’s last donut of the night.

Late to bed, late to work.

What makes you nervous?
Deadlines. Pedestrian mobs with little coordination.

Current set up details?
Passport 8.25, Thunders, a decent amount of dust coating everything, just for looks.

Crooked grind. Photo: Luke Browne.

Childhood memory?
‘Build your own’ set up from the Warehouse. Bargain.


Top five favourite skate nick names?
I suck at nicknames.

Heelflip. Photo: Jimmy Wright.

What is one thing you can’t live without?
Local scene hype.

Skate predictions for 2012?
Def take Australasia by storm. Launch ramps make a comeback.

Image Gallery (6 Photos)

  1. Photo: Luke Browne.
  2. Front shuv. Photo: Luke Browne.
  3. Frontside 50-50. Photo: Jimmy Wright.
  4. Backside tailslide. Photo: Jimmy Wright.
  5. Crooked grind. Photo: Luke Browne.
  6. Heelflip. Photo: Jimmy Wright.


  1. suncitz says:

    dope bryn! about time

  2. Arch Nemesis says:


  3. LukeD says:

    sick bro!

  4. crabman says:

    Killing it Bryn, dope as!!!

  5. Woodsy69 says:

    sick bryn!!!

  6. The REAL Chris Wood says:

    Is it just me or does he look like me from the late 90’s?

    1. Alleyesonme says:

      He is a MINI wood chris my friend

  7. Jake says:


  8. Benny says:

    thats my boy. fuckin stoked on it bro, your doing well!!!!

  9. dom says:

    Sick Bryn, good work son son