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Way Back Wednesday with Geetz 46

Posted by Jake Mein on Wednesday May 9 2012

Quick Pic

This pic always fascinated me. Who the fuck lives at a skatepark? Who even goes to skateparks?


My Periphery

We all have guilty pleasures. Rolled ice creams in Dunsandel and bargain bin CDs in Balclutha. Thanks Uncle Moz.

Nelly Furtardo - Whoa Nelly!



Fine Tuning

Funny how things can just jump up and bite you out of nowhere. So I guess it’s good to let your guard down at times. Grab it and run with it.

Adina Howard - Do You Wanna Ride.

Stomping Grounds

Mo’ tongues ALL DAY. But seriously adi, you just weren’t thinking proper. If you want something done right sometimes you just gotta do it yourself. Not a fan.

Adidas double tongue.

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  1. Gallo.
  2. Nelly Furtardo - Whoa Nelly!
  3. Adina Howard - Do You Wanna Ride.
  4. Adidas double tongue.


  1. Once met lambey at age 16 says:

    gullyleo gullyleo!

  2. Tunny says:

    Those Kalis clips…damn

  3. dazlog says:

    fuck yeah that last 360 flip of kalis….jesus