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Talk Turkey Tuesday with Tommy Fynn

Posted by Jake Mein on Tuesday May 8 2012

Photo: Jake Darwen.

5th of October 1988.

I popped out in:
Durbin, South Africa.

Currently I reside in?
Brisbane, Australia.

My family and friends live here.

Backside Smith. Photo: Jake Darwen.

Stereo Skateboards, Lakai footwear, Matix clothing, Modus bearings, Picture wheel company, Skatebiz, The Bay Skate.

Outside of skateboarding the bulk of my time is spent?
Chill with the family, eat food, watch movies.

One item you want for free but have to pay for?
A house!

Frontside hurricane. Photo: Jake Darwen.

All time favourite cover?
Stevie Williams, switch crooks Transworld cover

You get to choose one person to rule the world, who and why?
Tupac! Because he is a revolutionary!

Your go to Youtube clip?
Tony Tave in This is my Element.

One song for the rest of your life?
Tupac – Ambitionz as a Ridah.

Fakie heelflip. Photo: Jake Darwen.

Eating out.

What makes you nervous?
Bad drivers.

Current set up details?
8″ Stereo board, Independent trucks 139s, Picture wheels 32s, Modus titanium bearings.

Childhood memory?
My parents buying me éS Koston 3s.

Website?, hellaclips, The Berrics.

Top five favourite skate nick names?
Battlecat, Gaitor, Sweendeezy, Sasoon and Jmac.

360 flip. Photo: Jake Darwen.

What is one thing you can’t live without?

5 Skate predictions for 2012:
1. More Internet video parts
2. Skating is going to get fresher!
3. More spots
4. More companies
5. Skateboarding will be bigger and better!


  1. Eddy says:

    Skills and styles for miles

    1. Jake says:

      Thanking you. Will update now.

  2. Zebbeall says: