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Way Back Wednesday with Geetz 44

Posted by Jake Mein on Wednesday April 18 2012


Biebel’s definitely always having a good time.

Chomp On This.


This is one of the many reasons why Dunks are so real.

Quick Pic

It’s the little things like this that enforce my 100% dedication to Venture trucks.

Venture Trucks - Men At Work ad.

My Periphery

Benches down stairs and tricks up and down 2 or 3 stairs, that’s whats up. Who’s Matt Schnurr?

Planet Earth - Hiatus.

Fine Tuning

Has anyone seen or heard from Ashanti? These two are for all the short people out there.

Ja Rule - Pain is Love.

Ja Rule - The Last Temptaion.

E-Clipse x Legends

This clip pretty much sums it all up in a nutshell for me. This is why I skateboard.

Stomping Grounds

Rich or poor mans KCK’s? You decide.

Reebok Workout.

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  1. Chomp On This.
  2. Venture Trucks - Men At Work ad.
  3. Planet Earth - Hiatus.
  4. Ja Rule - Pain is Love.
  5. Ja Rule - The Last Temptaion.
  6. Reebok Workout.


  1. Reda says:

    Im trynna sleep and I got water on me!?

  2. Alexdyer101 says:

    Damn, those ‘boks are pretty sick

  3. Dagar says:

    any idea what track is on the schnurr clip? dope toons

  4. dazlog says:

    i buy at least 1 pair of those reeboks every time i go home, best skate shoes ever