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Way Back Wednesday with Geetz 35

Posted by Jake Mein on Wednesday February 15 2012


I first saw this guy in a vid called North from Canada that Gus Curwood had bought back from a trip over there. I was pumped on him. I realised a couple years ago that there hadn’t been many more clips of him surface since, other than the two I had already seen, but found one hell of a slam, which is also in this dope part. Here’s Wade Fyfe.


There’s something I just can’t put my finger on about this dude, but I’m a big fan.

New Deal 7 Year Glitch.

My Periphery

I’m not usually into this sort of thing and it’s probably the only time it’s gonna happen so here it is. My own shameless self promotion. This was filmed for a homies vid’ while I lived in Queenstown and was probably the funnest part I have ever filmed for. The skating isn’t top notch but I figured it had never been dropped on the net, so why not. Thanks to Tim Shaw for letting me put this up. Always good times down there, I miss Queens’ every day.


N.A.F.W.A.V.F. Part II

Went to the bar, came home and copped this.

Fine Tuning

KRS One is coming to New Zealand in April. Two shows, AK and Welly. Can’t wait. Where to go to bring the ruckus for us Southerners? Or is it both gigs?

KRS One.

Quick Pic

Fuck it! Shameless self promotion part two, and straight up never again. What is DEF-ONE? Hmmm. Photo credit: Rene Vaile, circa 2003.

Gregg Timms, 360 flip. Photo: Rene Vaile.

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  1. New Deal 7 Year Glitch.
  2. Gregg Timms, 360 flip. Photo: Rene Vaile.
  3. KRS One.
  4. Dero.


  1. KuRt says:

    Awesome Geetz.
     man that part of you was so cool!

  2. Tombclark says:

    wow dope spot greg.circas with da strap bks. amazin