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Talk Turkey Tuesday with Brett Band

Posted by Jake Mein on Tuesday December 27 2011

Photo: David Read.

17th October 1989.

I spent my first day on earth in?
Durban, South Africa.

Currently I reside in?
Grey Lynn, Auckland city.

This city is built for skateboarding.

Kickflip noseslide. Photos: Jake Darwen.

People that keep threads on my back are?
Krooked, Lakai, Thunder, Matix, Spitfire, Mountain Dew and Burger Fuel.

Last item you purchased?
Mountain Dew/Toblerone.

Last video part that made you go skate?
Marek’s clip, Tom Snape’s Adidas clip, The Dogg Log films and the Menace Epicly Later’d episodes!

Things that annoy you while skating?
Jocks rolling on long wooden planks pushing mongo in their squashed Asics and medium height ankle socks. VIC park scooter stampedes.

Frontside flip. Photo: David Read.

Best meal?
C’n’Cheese from Burgerfuel/ Biltong.

Worst meal?
Anything with the Mushroom.

Favourite non-skate sponsor you’d back?
Mountain Fuel? Burger Dew? Possibly a bank? Definitely a bank. Whittakers Chocolate for dessert?

Switch backside heelflip. Photo: David Read.

Top 5 YouTube clips in current rotation?

Cats and Oranges.
How to defend Earth from asteroids.

Favourite album?
Nujabes – Modal Soul and Metaphorical Music, Arcade Fire – The Suburbs, The Roots – How I got Over, Working for a Nuclear Free City – Businessmen & Ghosts are good for me!

Being hungover and waiting, looking for my keys, running out of coinage for the bus, spilling my tea, internet holes in my room, sitting on sunglasses, breaking a shoelace 3 loops down!

Backside nosebluntslide. Photo: Jake Darwen.

Last time you got nervous?
When Young Darweezy said Ghosts exist.

Top five board graphics of all time?
Loved the Chocolate face series, not so board graphicy.

Top 5 styles
Gino, Javier Sarmiento, Jesus Fernandez, Kenny Anderson, Busenitz.

Ollie. Photo: David Read.

Most overused word in your vocabulary?
“Ah yep”. “…sweet as”. “Dude pal brosef”. “Hyger Null”.

What is one thing you can’t live without?
Chocolate/Icecream, skateboard, skateboarding, music, concrete, pen and paper. I couldn’t live without all the good humans I am always lucky to chill with!

One thing you want to accomplish in 2011?
Learn to surf then win the lotto or vice versa

Backside tailslide. Photo: Jake Darwen.

Image Gallery (7 Photos)

  1. Photo: Read.
  2. Kickflip noseslide. Photos: Jake Darwen.
  3. Frontside flip. Photo: David Read.
  4. Switch backside heelflip. Photo: David Read.
  5. Backside nosebluntslide. Photo: Jake Darwen.
  6. Ollie. Photo: David Read.


  1. Barber says:

    yeah Bert!!

  2. Puffro Morice says:

    Nice pics Brett.
    Agree 100% on the bank buzz.

  3. Reuben baker says:

    so sick brett!! catch up for roll soon homy!

  4. incognico says:

    great ttt to end the year.

  5. madjahsteez says:

    Epic back tail pic, postcard worthy even. 

  6. PTD says:

    Sweet TTT BB.