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Talk Turkey Tuesday with Chey Grace

Posted by Jake Mein on Monday September 26 2011

Photo: William van der Vliet.

December 28, 1986.

I spent my first day on earth in?

Currently I reside in?

Because I have my own little family down here, so I’ve gotta support them.

People that keep threads on my back are?

Nollie lipslide. Photo: William van der Vliet.

Last item you purchased?
A skateboard.

Last video part that made you go skate?
Tom Asta on The Berrics.

Things that annoy you while skating?
Getting dirty. Haha. But it’s all part of the game!

Best meal?
Roast lamb homie!

Worst meal?

Crooked grind. Photo: William van der Vliet.

Favourite non-skate sponsor you’d back?
Red Bull.

Top 5 YouTube clips in current rotation?

Favourite album?
50 CentGet Rich or Die Trying


Last time you got nervous?
At the Create and Skate comp a few months back.

Top five board graphics of all time?
DGK, Organika, Chocolate, Deathwish, ABC.

Nollie heelflip. Photo: William van der Vliet.

Most overused word in your vocabulary?
Barnacles or holy shit.

What is one thing you can’t live without?

One thing you want to accomplish in 2011?
To progress with skateboarding, maybe try and get another sponsor before I fade out!

Image Gallery (4 Photos)

  1. Photo: William van der Vliet
  2. Nollie lipslide. Photo: William van der Vliet
  3. Crooked grind. Photo: William van der Vliet
  4. Nollie heel. Photo: William van der Vliet.


  1. Tobyon says:

    Its the Ness… Dunners DopeNess….. but the burning question on everyones lips is where is part 1?

    1. ESFwef says:

      that boy is fkin Ill

  2. Tobyon says:

    Whats going on people… This guy kills it… no comments…

    my take: it’s not trick selection thats the problem, its pants selection… ask Geetz he’s battled through and won. dope tricks, dope pants, trying times!

    I’ve seen dudes on this site in tight purple pants dressed like freakin court jesters getting the royal comment treatment….  

    1. N.Z.S.R says:

      maybe because this is it’s first day online? Maybe because the people’s opinions on skateboarding that actually matter (the skateboarders) are out doing what this its all about… Skateboarding! 
      Instead of sitting at home on the computer during the sun shinning day  (veiwing male fashion related sites on sperate tab’s) assuming people are also at home on the computer all day, not writing comments just because the selection of his pants? 
      What exactly did geetz ”battle through”? 
      Geetz since day one had kept it real to his style in clothing and skateboarding, which is how and why he has gained his respect in skateboarding. 
      The unbiased skateboard media of New Zealand (this site and its magazine) in my opinion gives all skaters a fair chance reguardless of apperance, from parachute pants to ‘tight purple pants dressed like freakin court jesters’ (which i’m yet to see from this site).As for royal ‘comment treatment’ it seems like you care about the faceless digital praise’s more than this man himself, whom i’m sure is just stoaked to have this page in the first place. In my opinion, this guys skating is great, he’s got a natural style for sure. Tre flip over car? Hell yeah.

      My take; legit.
      Your take; was as gay as the male fashion site’s on your home page 

  3. swin. says:

    The man son.

  4. Eazy911 says:

    whats the song??