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Way Back Wednesday with Geetz 14

Posted by Jake Mein on Tuesday August 23 2011

Ten Things I Hate About You

This weeks top ten is dedicated to the dudes who I wish were still making music. Here’s ten of the realest cats I grew up listening to, that you quite possibly haven’t heard of before. I figure music is an important part of skateboarding, it sets both your mood and style. Don’t front.

1. Mic Geronimo – Shit’s Real

2. Lost Boyz – Renee

3. Cella Dwellas – Perfect Match

4. Nine – Make or Take

5. Skee lo – I wish

6. Channel Live – Madizm

7. Digable Planets – 9th Wonder

8. Main Source – Lookin at the front door

9. Cru – Just Another Case

10. Black Eyed Peas  –  What It Is

Quick Pic

Burners on the slide.

Brothas From Different Mothas.


Ever fallen victim to having ever owned a chain wallet? I did, fuck! Here’s another guy who also did. Eluid ‘Shorty’ Gonzalez is yet another in the expansive list of I wish I knew what happened to that guy. This is his part from the Neighborhood video Personalities. I figure it’s fairly appropriate how he skates to Too Short also. Peep the chain wallet.

Neighborhood Personalities

Fine Tuning

It’s hard to get someone to fix my fade properly in Chch these days. My homie and local barber peaced it to Amsterdam after the february earthquake and since then nothing has come close. Once you find someone legit to cut your hair, you kinda just wanna keep it the same for life. The first person who springs to mind, that has probably never had a problem gettin his fade fixed is Warren G. Before I go any further, you are trippin’ if you tell me that you ain’t ever been down for Regulate. I’ve been a fan since day one. Regulate was definitely one of those more dominant school yard songs of the early 90’s anyway back to Warrens fade. I personally have always thought that Warren has had the most impeccible fade in the biz. It’s not anything wild at all, it just always looks perfect. Flex game on this: This D.J off of the ’93 release Regulate G Funk Era.

Warren G Regulate G Funk Era

Stomping Grounds

We used to wear some shitty shoes to school. I never used to understand why I couldn’t just wear runners all day instead of just for P.E and then back into my Nomads or Dr Martens for the rest of the day. They were so uncomfortable too. It really does amuse me how much shit changes as you grow up. When I was ten I never would have thought I’d be seen dead in a pair of these, my how things change. Heres are some true classics. Get yours!

Clarks Wallabee