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Posted by Jake Mein on Tuesday August 25 2009

We’re turkey talking with Chris Wood this week.

How old are you?

Where do you live?
Karori, Wellington

Who makes it possible? (sponsors)
DVS, Darkstar skateboards, Billabong, Oakley, Bones bearings and Cheapskates

Best thing about your hometown?
I love so much about Welly, but one of the first things I look at after an overseas trip is the hills and how really picturesque this place is

Who are your favourite upstarts?
Jack, Ben and Kai

Who are you five favourite legends?
Shane Cross, Heath Kirchart, Morrissey, Julian Barratt, Lux Interior

What are your five favourite video parts?
1. Heath Kirchart – Mind field
2. Heath Kirchart – Sight Unseen
3. Jamie Thomas – Welcome to Hell
4. Arto Saari – Really Sorry
5. Daewon Song – Skate More

Frontside 5-0, Te Aro. Photo: David Read

Top 5 Youtube vids?
1. The first link has possibly the craziest 50-50 I’ve ever seen at 2.46
2. A clip from my favourite TV show
3. If you visit the berrics site then you probably already know about Nick Mullins
4. One of the best styles in skateboarding…
5. Some love him, some hate him, he’s crude, rude and British…awesome!

Favourite Quote?
“Skateboarding is all mind over matter, I don’t mind, you don’t matter” – Skatepit wall back in the day

Best city for skateboarding?
Probably be Melbourne, just because I’ve lived there for nearly 8 years so I know it pretty well

Favourite song?
Oh that’s a hard one it changes every week, but for this week it is “Fuck Forever” by the Babyshambles

Favourite Park?
Volcom private park in Costa Mesa

Favourite Magazine cover?
Shane Cross nosegrind El Toro first try, Transworld Skateboarding February 2005

What are your bad habits?
Smoking…it’s pretty rank

What’s the worst thing about skateboarding in NZ?
The lack of indoor skate parks considering the annual rainfall

What’s the best thing about skateboarding in NZ?
Karori Mini ramp owns

Interview: Jake Mein


  1. Nikolas O'Connell says:

    what time is it?

  2. buttsburg says:

    fucking crazy 50 50. thats a land in my book. sick bro…

  3. Joel says:

    props Chris, – heres a little rhyme for ye – Chris Wood if he could, and he can, so he did. – See what I did there?